What Questions Should I ask when Choosing an OBGYN?

Author: Mama Strength |

Do you notice that pregnant people spend more time choosing their stroller than they do their OBGYN? I did! When pregnant, your midwife or doctor will shape how you think about your body, your baby, and determine much of your labor and delivery experiences. Let’s make sure who you are working with is the best fit for you!

  1. Understanding that every birth is unique, can you tell me what a typical delivery looks like in your practice?
  2. What can I be doing in pregnancy to prepare for labor and delivery?
  3. What percentage of your patients are induced, and what are the most common reasons for it? Why?
  4. What percentage of your patients have cesareans? Why?
  5. Can my partner stay with me continuously after the baby is born (without an additional fee)?
  6. We are now in a pandemic. What are you and the hospital doing to keep everyone protected during delivery?