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    Erin is a true professional with an expansive knowledge base in training pre- and post-natal women. Her deep understanding of how the body's alignment changes through and after pregnancy allows her to target certain areas to jump start the road to post-baby recovery in a safe and effective way.

    After Baby 1, the weight came off quickly, but the strength was not there. I was no longer able to do certain exercises I had always done pre-baby because certain muscles hurt and felt like they were pulling. After Baby 2, the strength was worse and the weight took forever to come off, which is when I decided to engage Erin.

    Erin came up with a highly-individualized plan to address areas I wanted to improve, while creating a full-body workout that addresses important areas that are particularly stressed during pregnancy. Although the demands of two kids and work only allow for me to meet with Erin once per week, with consistent training, I could not be happier with the progress. I've noticed significant improvement in my form, posture, core and strength. Amazingly, I am able to do the weight training exercises that caused pain after Baby 1.

    Erin is a smart, upbeat, tremendous all-around trainer. If you put the work in and commit to her program, you will not be disappointed with your results.

  • Personal Training North Central

    I started taking Erin's outdoor group classes when I found out I was pregnant. As a first time mom this was a great way to not only meet other moms in the community but also feel very comfortable and safe doing a workout that caters specifically to prenatal and postpartum fitness. What I really like about Erin is that she is very attentive to each of her client's needs. Whether you're pregnant, starting your postpartum workout routine, or looking for something a bit more challenging, Erin will make modifications in class accordingly. I also really appreciate that you can bring your baby to class! Definitely looking forward to that when my baby comes.

    Christine Liu
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    I signed up to take virtual, personal training sessions with Erin after my c-section birth. I had taken a 9 months break, and my body felt completely foreign to me. I wanted to start working out again, but didn't know where to begin and I didn't want to injure myself. Working with Erin was probably the smartest thing I could have done. I'm 3 months into working with her, and I am ready to go back to group classes!! She was always so professional, and on time. Her knowledge and skill was not impacted at all by the distance/virtual sessions. She was able to notice the tiniest details that allowed me to fix my form and get the most out of my workouts. She was even able to notice that I needed an adjustment on my right hip from a chiropractor. After a couple adjustments, my workouts with Erin were even more impactful! I am on my way to a healthy and full recovery from my pregnancy - and I can honestly say I owe it all to Erin!!

    Andrea Oliver
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    Erin is incredible! She worked with me throughout my entire pregnancy and it's due to her training that I was able to be back to my old self in less than 3 months! Additionally, I had a wonderful delivery thanks to all of our hard work practicing my 360 breathing and focusing on my abs during pushing. Her prenatal program is safe, highly effective, and good for your overall mental health as well! I highly recommend!

    Heather Johnson
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    Erin is the real deal! If you're reading all these glowing reviews, look no further. I started working out with Erin on my post-C section core recovery through group classes & personal training sessions. Her postnatal workouts are incredibly effective at rebuilding my formerly Jell-O midsection & abs, the most affected muscle group during pregnancy.

    She meets you wherever you are in your recovery journey through foundational breathing exercises, super fun workout playlists and safe but challenging circuits. You will be amazed at what your body can achieve! Erin also gets you to think about applying your core in simple, everyday tasks like picking up your baby. Erin is so much better than the Equinox trainers I used to work out with. My favorite thing about her fun outdoor class is that I can bring my baby too!

    If you want to put the MOM in momentum, come join for a class and you'll be hooked.

    Stef Kern
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    Erin is fantastic! I started private sessions during my second trimester and all of the stretching and exercises that she guided me through made me feel healthy and strong throughout pregnancy. When it came time to deliver I was able to stay calm and confident thanks to all the work Erin did to prepare me for pushing. I had a wonderful birth experience and Erin played a huge role in making that happen. I cannot recommend her prenatal personal training sessions enough!

    Samantha Post
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    Erin has been BEYOND amazing for my postpartum recovery. She is so positive and makes you feel so comfortable no matter where you are at in the motherhood journey. HIGHLY recommend :)

    Sarah Osborne
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    I’ve worked with Erin for the past several months through virtual personal training appointments and have nothing but wonderful things to say! She started working with me 3 months postpartum and her knowledge in postpartum training has been such an asset. I was concerned about exercising due to mild Diastasis Recti and she made sure that we addressed that first to keep me safe. My workouts are incredibly personalized and she meets me where I’m at while also pushing me to meet my goals. It’s been a blessing to have another mama who truly understands this phase of life and empowers me through it. During COVID it’s been great to have access to exceptional training right from my home too!

    Kaitlin Porpiglia | Mom of 2 (7 months & 2.5 year old)
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    After I had my second child and was diagnosed with diastasis recti I was very unhappy with my stomach. Erin helped me gain back my confidence, my strength and my abs back. And the best part was I was able to bring my newborn to our workout sessions. I highly recommend Erin. She will make sure every workout is personalized and you will see results.

    Nicole O'Neal | Mom of 2 (9 months & 4 year old)
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    Erin met me where I was postpartum and helped me to build a foundation of strength. Her workouts are safe, challenging, and designed for moms. As a fellow mom, Erin understands where my body has been, where it's going, and what it needs to do on a day-to-day basis. Erin adapted workouts based on how my body was feeling and which child I had with me. Her group classes give me energy for the week ahead and have created a community of local moms.

    Becky Burke | Mom of 2 (6 months & 3 year old)
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    Erin is a fantastic trainer and workout coach. During the fall, she hosted workout sessions outside at Riverview Fisk park and I miss them so much! She led fun, 45 minute sessions that gave you a real workout. Can't wait to go back when the weather warms up.

    Lara Battema | Pregnant & 3.5 year old
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    I have been working out with Erin for years at Physique 57 and was so excited that she started this venture just as I was having my first child. It has been a game changer to have someone helping me dedicate time and energy to healing my body. Just after a few sessions I was breathing and moving differently. My only regret is I didn't learn how to exercise like this a long time ago.

    Claire Moses | Mom of 1 (4 months)
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    Erin has been supporting me in my postpartum journey for a while. After having my second child, I’ve been struggling with a lot of lower back pain. With her extensive knowledge and expertise in pre/post natal training, she has been able to create a combination of exercises and stretches that has helped me strengthen my body back to where it needs to be.

    Nicole Ennis | Mom of 2 (8 months & 3 year old)