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My goal is to provide you with a customized framework of strength-building tools that guide you through any stage of motherhood. Whether you are prenatal, postpartum, or balancing the demands of multiple kids, I’ll be there to support you through each step along the way. You’ll improve your overall energy, gain more confidence, and feel more in control, helping you become the best mom, and person, you can be!


  • Erin is incredible! She worked with me throughout my entire pregnancy and it's due to her training that I was able to be back to my old self in less than 3 months! Additionally, I had a wonderful delivery thanks to all of our hard work practicing my 360 breathing and focusing on my abs during pushing. Her prenatal program is safe, highly effective, and good for your overall mental health as well! I highly recommend!

    — heather johnson

    Core Recovery North Central
  • Erin is fantastic! I started private sessions during my second trimester and all of the stretching and exercises that she guided me through made me feel healthy and strong throughout pregnancy. When it came time to deliver I was able to stay calm and confident thanks to all the work Erin did to prepare me for pushing. I had a wonderful birth experience and Erin played a huge role in making that happen. I cannot recommend her prenatal personal training sessions enough!

    — Samantha Post

    Core Recovery North Central
  • Erin is a fantastic trainer and workout coach. During the fall, she hosted workout sessions outside at Riverview Fisk park and I miss them so much! She led fun, 45 minute sessions that gave you a real workout. Can't wait to go back when the weather warms up.

    — Lara Battema | Pregnant & 3.5 year old

    Core Recovery North Central

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