I think I have Diastasis Recti. Is it safe to workout?

Author: Mama Strength |

It’s important to note that Diastasis Recti is actually a normal and natural part of pregnancy in order to allow adequate space for the baby to grow, especially during the third trimester. If managed appropriately, however, the DR will heal within a few months after delivery. However, if the DR is more severe, it can remain in the postpartum period and manifest into a “torpedo-like” protrusion in the belly. An easy rule to follow, and to keep in mind, is if you see any “coning” in your abdominals during an exercise, then it is a sign that the movement is NOT appropriate. During my exercise program, I will avoid any movements that will create aggravation.

For every Postpartum Assessment, I will check for DR (I can also guide you to do this yourself). For clients who have mild to moderate cases of DR (about 2 finger-widths or less, or mild to moderate depth), I will be able to work with you and take you through the Core Recovery program to help build your strength back up. For anything more severe, I will recommend you to a qualified Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist.