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Erin is a true professional with an expansive knowledge base in training pre- and post-natal women. Her deep understanding of how the body's alignment changes through and after pregnancy allows her to target certain areas to jump start the road to post-baby recovery in a safe and effective way.

After Baby 1, the weight came off quickly, but the strength was not there. I was no longer able to do certain exercises I had always done pre-baby because certain muscles hurt and felt like they were pulling. After Baby 2, the strength was worse and the weight took forever to come off, which is when I decided to engage Erin.

Erin came up with a highly-individualized plan to address areas I wanted to improve, while creating a full-body workout that addresses important areas that are particularly stressed during pregnancy. Although the demands of two kids and work only allow for me to meet with Erin once per week, with consistent training, I could not be happier with the progress. I've noticed significant improvement in my form, posture, core and strength. Amazingly, I am able to do the weight training exercises that caused pain after Baby 1.

Erin is a smart, upbeat, tremendous all-around trainer. If you put the work in and commit to her program, you will not be disappointed with your results.