Stef Kern

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Erin is the real deal! If you're reading all these glowing reviews, look no further. I started working out with Erin on my post-C section core recovery through group classes & personal training sessions. Her postnatal workouts are incredibly effective at rebuilding my formerly Jell-O midsection & abs, the most affected muscle group during pregnancy.

She meets you wherever you are in your recovery journey through foundational breathing exercises, super fun workout playlists and safe but challenging circuits. You will be amazed at what your body can achieve! Erin also gets you to think about applying your core in simple, everyday tasks like picking up your baby. Erin is so much better than the Equinox trainers I used to work out with. My favorite thing about her fun outdoor class is that I can bring my baby too!

If you want to put the MOM in momentum, come join for a class and you'll be hooked.