A Checklist Of Questions To Ask Your Doctor Or Your Midwife While Pregnant

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At Mama Strength, we know that pregnancy is an exciting and totally new experience, one that will probably raise a lot of questions. It is, therefore, imperative that you are well informed about your prenatal care and have accurate expectations about what to expect during labor.

So, as an expert, I’ve created the following checklist of questions you might want to ask your obstetrician or midwife. Not all of the questions will apply to you, and you will no doubt have extra questions that are specific to your situation or preferences. But start with these crucial questions you’ll want answered in the nine months leading up to labor.

1. Ask about the birth location

  • What non-medical forms of pain management are used frequently?
  • Is nitrous oxide available?
  • Is there an additional fee for my partner to stay with me in a private room overnight?
  • How prevalent are medical students?

2. Ask about their practice

  • How many of you are in the practice, and who will be with me when I deliver?
  • How long are your prenatal visits?
  • How much guidance and education will you offer me throughout my pregnancy and postpartum?

3. Ask about their approach to late pregnancy and birth

  • How often will I receive an ultrasound?
  • What percentage of your clients deliver without an epidural?
  • What percentage of your clients push lying on their side or on their hands and knees? Do you provide other tools, like a bar, to help me push in different positions?
  • What percentage of your clients deliver via cesarean, and what is the most common reason?
  • What percentage of your patients are induced, and what are the most common reasons for it? Why?
  • Do you recommend that I hire a doula?

Bottom line

What if I don’t like the answers to my questions?

While it might be easiest to switch to a new provider before week 28, most low-risk pregnant people can change their midwife or OB until week 36.

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